About God’s Table

God’s Table is a Christ centered non profit food ministry that provides meals for families in Daytona Beach, FL. Our Chef Michael Hayes has decades of experience in the kitchen.

What does God’s Table do for the community?

  • Every Wednesday cooking, packing and delivering over 2.000 meals a month.
  • Serving the Coast Guard dry goods as well as forzen foods during the Government shutdown.
  • Serving Mainland High School Football team after their home games.
  • Serving at S.P.A.R.C. of Volusia, who provide social and recreational, and sporting activities for people with disabilities. We provide food for events such as Valentine’s, Halloween and Christmas.
  • Serving WKTO’s 20th Anniversary celebration and Share-a-Thon.
  • Blessing needy families with love boxes of groceries.
  • Assisting Laboring Few Bike Ministry from South Carolina during Bike Week so they can provide free breakfast while presenting in the Gospel.
  • Providing meals for the Senior adult luncheon at First Baptist Church Daytona Beach.
  • Providing a Food booth at the Fall Family Festival at First Baptist Church Daytona Beach, FL
Preparing meals on Wednesdays for the Daytona Beach Community

With all of the outreach God’s Table is doing it requires a lot of donations to make it possible. We need your help and support. Prayers and donations are welcomed and needed.